6 Shocking Depression Facts

Hey all..

Depression is a very common mental illness faced today.Hundreds of people all around just end up their life just to get out of depression.By the way don’t think that depression won’t effect you. It’s has a beyond thinking effect on person suffering from it and person beside him.


Let us discuss in detail

What is depression?

A group of conditions associated with the elevation or lowering of a person’s mood, such as depression or bipolar disorder.

This is a formal description of depression.

Well let us be informal to these subjects because according to my experience formal things can do nothing with subjects.

When a person is suffering from depression, one feels very bad impact on oneself to such a extend that he don’t want his company anymore and ends up in killing himself (suicide).


Depression is not easy to handle.According to me the very difficult diseases to cure is mental illness because the big doctor is you, yourself and the best medication is the positive thought you build in yourself to stay alive.

No one can say that they won’t get depressed because every good and evil embedded in them. The time when evil thoughts circulates in our mind is when we fall into depression.

Some points to keep in mind to avoid state of depression:-

The first thing to keep in mind is that life pushes to become best out of yourself and succeed & not to get depressed.So don’t ever take smallest matters of life as depression.

1) Prevention is better than cure.So always stay in good environment which you prefer to stay positive and totally avoid the bad side.

2) Love and nourish yourself more than anyone.Never let anything or anyone become your priority in your life more than you.

3) Convince yourself that what your doing is best of your thoughts even though that does not seem good for others.But thats all fine.Everyone has their own perspective.

4) Be happy and grateful for the smallest things in life.

5) Always engage yourself in things and people who makes you positive.

6) Have faith. Be a believer of God, believer of the universe,believer of yourself and time.Everywill happen when its meant to be.


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